About Shannon Rose


Kia Ora, my name is Shannon Rose, Ko Ngati Porou toku Iwi, Ko Te Awawa toku Iwi.


I am a Priestess of the Sophia, a Mentor, Mystic & Creative Channel for the Returning Golden Age of Miracles.


In 2017 I awoke to my lineage as a Rose Priestess, a Daughter of the Sophia and the Ancient Mysteries that correspond.


Prior to this, I was working as a Marketing & Brand Adviser, having worked in the San Francisco tech industry, and at some of New Zealand’s top Media Companies.


In this breathwork journey of 2017, on the floors of a Bali studio, my innate rose-body wisdom turned on, my kundalini awoke and it was from that moment that I chose to devote my life to the re-crowning of the Royal Divine Feminine, on her rightful throne with the Divine Masculine by side.


My body in this lifetime has suffered, and risen through many of the challenges the feminine face in the turning of ages. Sexual exploitation, in-direct violation by the medical system, systematic & patriarchal suppression. No longer are these experiences part of my reality.


I support women in Feminine Leadership. Leadership from the embodied rose presence. From the embodied lineage of the Sophia.


I have been trained under Breath of Bliss as a Breathwork Practitioner, received training within Maori healing arts, energetic transmissional work, nervous system embodiment, and direct guidance from my ancestral lineage of rose decent.


My work is multi-dimensional, dynamic and evolving.


I bask in the joy of bridging esoteric mysteries, with somatic experience, for women to feel held & seen in their dual expression of both oracle of the unseen, and creatress of the  earthly realm.


Heaven on earth merge as one, as we remember with the ancients, that we are a multi-dimensional civilisation of the new.


Join me and my brothers & sisters of co-creative union, in our online community spaces, transformational chalice containers, and living courses of miracles.


The new golden age, she is here.


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