About Shannon Rose

Multidimensional Channel, Quantum Activator, Mentor & Breathwork Facilitator


Shannon Rose has helped thousands to activate their divine mission codes, awaken dormant creative energy & step into their New Earth Leadership.


She is a Specialist in working with the Crystalline Creatress Codes, sharing sacred Lemurian knowledge & is the host of the podcast ‘Ancient Souls of the New Millennial’ ©.


Her mission is to train the New Earth Leaders in becoming divine channels to create huge impact in their soul missions & birth the New Earth.



Breath of Bliss Facilitators Training Level 1 & 2

Romi Romi and Mihi Mihi Training (Maori Healing) 

Angelic Reiki Level 1 & 2 Training 

Gifted Experts Intuitive Training 

Bachelor of Communications, Auckland University of Technology

Shannon's Journey

Shannon grew up in a humble & harmonious family environment in West Auckland, New Zealand.


She studied at Auckland University of Technology graduating with a degree in Communications before being awarded a scholarship to go work in San Francisco for a year on a program called AUT InterNZ.


Here she started a successful marketing career in the tech startup industry, but felt a big part of her was missing. There was a longing & a calling for something else.


In 2017 she decided to follow this calling by quitting her role as a Brand Executive and booking a one way ticket to Bali.

It was here that her true awakening began. Her gifts of channeling & speaking light language came online. And she received an opportunity to work with Christabel Zamor of Breath of Bliss as the Marketing Manager while becoming a certified Breathwork Facilitator.

From here she went on to hold countless Breathwork ceremonies across the country, becoming a well-known pioneer of Breathwork in New Zealand.


She has facilitated at multiple festivals including NZ Spirit Fest, Resolution & Yoga Festival, held national sold out tours & international courses.


She is the host of the Popular New Age podcast ‘Ancient Souls of the New Millennial’ ©  and has been successfully running her business for the past three years.


She has helped thousands to awaken to who they truely are and holds a deep space of compassion, integrity, grace & love.


Her work is grounded in Multidimensional teachings & understandings supported by her intergalactic team, she is here to go all the way. Ascension, New Earth, New Reality.

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