Shannon Rose

Business Mentor & Breathwork Facilitator


Shannon Rose is a Business Mentor and Breathwork Facilitator from Aotearoa, New Zealand. 

She is the Founder of BOW Academy, Birth Your Souls Body of Work™, working with Leaders for Mastery in Business, Creativity, Marketing & Brand.  

Shannon is  also the Founder of Elevare Breathwork Facilitators Training, Currently offering Elevare Level 1, Breathwork Facilitators Trainings. 

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BOW Academy - Birth Your Souls Body of Work

Business Academy

4 Day Retreat
High Level Support 
Business Meets Mystique

Marketing Brilliance, Brand Artistry, Creative Midwifery, Leadership Mystique. 

Book a Call for Enrolment September 2023.  


Elevare Breathwork
Facilitators Training 

Breathwork Facilitators Training, Level 1 & 2. Become Certified to hold Breathwork Journeys with BreathWav™.

Enrolling now for February 2024 intake. 



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