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Welcome! My Name is Shannon Rose. 

I'm here to train New Earth Leaders in becoming Divine Channels to create HUGE impact in your Soul Mission.

I work with higher dimensional beings to help activate & anchor your 5D Creativity & birth new creations this world has never seen before.

So if you're a Mission Orientated Starseed ready to step into the next level of your mission, you've come to the right place.

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And Lets Birth This New Earth.


With over 3 years as a Quantum Activator, Mentor & Multidimensional Channel, Shannon Rose has helped thousands to activate their divine mission codes, awaken dormant creative energy & step into their New Earth Leadership.


She is a Specialist in working with the Crystalline Creatress Codes, sharing sacred Lemurian knowledge & is the host of the podcast ‘Ancient Souls of the New Millennial’ ©. .


Her mission is to train the New Earth Leaders in becoming divine channels to create huge impact in their soul missions & birth the New Earth.

About Shannon


You Came Here ON a Mission

Ancient Souls of the New Millennial Podcast

Shannon Rose

Welcome to Ancient Souls of the New Millennial, Anchoring the 5D for Humanity and Keeping It Real in The Three Dimensional. I'm your host Shannon Rose, Multidimensional Channel, Mentor & Quantum Activator training New Earth Leaders to become Divine Channels & create HUGE impact in their Soul Missions, this podcast we explore all things Multidimensionality, Ascension, New Earth, Channeling, Star Beings & more.

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6 Week Journey to Activate Your Mission Codes & Divine

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©2021 Shannon Rose

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