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Apply to Join BOW Academy 2022-2023

On submission you will be directed to a calendar link to book a complimentary 30 min call with Shannon.


Laura Cantrell 

Saying yes to the B.O.W Academy was one of the best decisions I ever made in investing for myself. A couple of months in & I not only had a stronger connection to my body of work, but I sold my house, uprooted 11 years of living and completely changed my life.  At the end of our work together I have a solid vision of my next 5 years and have fallen in love with my work again. Shannon holds a frequency I love to play in. Her breathwork is transformational. Her marketing through channeling your soul work really drops you into your heart and bigger vision. The feminine mysticism weaved through her offerings is beautiful while also calling you into self ownership.




Samantha Denton-Giles

Shannon Rose is an absolute creative genius and true divine oracle of this time. Her intuitive abilities to see and feel creations that are sitting in your energetic field that are wanting to be birthed is a skill and talent that blows me away to this day. I’m still in awe of the transformation that I have undergone from being part of the BOW Academy. When I first joined all my offerings were in-person events. I never imagined being able to serve my medicine online or thought anyone would be interested in receiving anything but sound journeys from me. Within 6 months I launched and filled 2 online programs and I’m about to start a 3rd! If you’re thinking about working with Shannon then get ready…You won’t recognise yourself on the other side!



Amberlee Rose

The BOW Academy was a deeply transformational container. Before joining I knew I had important gifts and skills to share with women but I lacked the confidence and integration of my own inner support and structures to move forward. The Academy provided a safe container to descend and explore parts of myself that were difficult to access alone. The way the academy was facilitated allowed for a unique co-creation in  feminine wisdom principles that created space for depth, softness, creativity and authenticity. Shannon provides a beautiful marriage between her practical business experience and deep mystery teachings that ignited my soul. I highly recommend working with Shannon if you desire support in birthing your creations that is closer to your essence.