Open to the Rose-Body Temple Within, in this Two-Part Feminine Series.

The Rose Body, activated in her crown, open in her eros. In this Two Part Series you will receive teachings on the unveiling of the Rose Lineage Mystery Teachings & a unique Rose-Body Breathwork Journey with Shannon Rose.

Part One: The Rose Lineage Free Training

The Rose Lineage is Ancient, spanning across space & time. A living cosmology bridging ancient religions, higher civilisations & sacred orders.

  • Uncover the Connection with the Rose & Venus Cycles of Time 
  • Learn the Magdalene & Gnostic Connection with the Rose Lineage
  • Receive Six Lineage of the Rose Keycodes for Activation of your Royal Priestess Path

Part Two: The Rose-Body Breathwork Journey

45 minute Breathwork journey to activate your Rose-Body Blueprint.

  • Be guided deeper into your rose body with breath & music
  • Open the 3 rose gateways of the body  
  • Receive light language attunements & openings
  • Anchor deep into your Embodied Priestesshood 


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On sign up you will be given access to an online portal where you may view the videos at your own leisure. It is recommended you view The Rose Lineage Video first, then follow up with the Breathwork.


The Rose Body Temple

The Ancient Rose Lineage, traces the lines of your Rose Body. Feminine mysteries unspoken, speak through your lips. Mystery schools of knowledge, unfounded, within your womb. Activate dear sister, the Rose Mysteries of your divine knowing.

The Rose Lineage is a living cosmology bridging ancient religions, higher civilisations & sacred orders.


From Ancient Lemuria, to Avalon, Golden Egypt, Ancient Greece, Magdalene Priestess’ and the Christed Gnostics.


True templates of the free & liberated Feminine in union, exist as supported by our cosmic ancestors & the True Rose Grids of the Sacred Earth. 


We are the Keepers, the returned Priestess’ of the Christos Sophia, the Mystery Holders, and Golden Chalices of the Rose.

She lives on, and it is her time, it is our time. 

Art by Lily Moses.