The Liberated Leader | 4 PART VIDEO SERIES 



Join Shannon Rose for this 4 Part Video Series to Liberate the Leaders, as We Anchor a New Reality of Freedom like Never Before.

If you are ready to leave behind the timeline of exhaustion, creative suppression & poverty for good, and open up to a new world of liberation for yourself & your clients, this course is for you.


We are creating the new grids of liberation for all, through our embodiment, our business’ and sacred vessels of choice & change.


It is with deep HONOUR that we are now given the CHOICE, our ancestors were not.


We must maximise on the opportunity of the modern day age, to bring about a revolution in consciousness, where we all get to be FREE…


Where time, wealth & creative freedom is not a ‘luxury’ reserved for a select few, but for us all.


Will you step out of your comfort zone?

Will you open yourself to receive the tools, technique & training to enter a new world of liberation?

Are you willing to share your god-given gifts in sacred devotion?

Join Shannon Rose in this 4 Part Video Series to:



  • Leap into a new timeline realty of time, wealth & creative freedom in your business
  • Elevate the frequency of your offerings into more liberation, magnetism & transformative power
  • Activate tools to quantum leap your business into more results that make your heart sing
  • Free yourself to fully express the uniqueness of YOU in your business
  • Call in more resources, opportunities & support to make your visions a reality
  • Download the beautiful sacred geometry structure of your body of work (B.O.W)
  • Open to create the wealth you were born to anchor & receive


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The Liberated Leader

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About Shannon Rose


Shannon Rose is a Mystic, Multi-Sensory Channel & Coach, supporting souls to revolutionise the world with their unique Bodies of Work (B.O.W).

She is the Founder of The B.O.W Academy, sharing my extensive experience as a Multi-Dimensional Channel, and Marketing Executive, merging the Mystical with the Modern World. 


Renowned Globally for her Breathwork  Embodied Facilitation, her spaces bridge esoteric mysteries, with somatic experience, to create life-changing and lasting metamorphosis. 


Devoteé of the Divine Feminine and Sophia Rose Lineages, she is a student and teacher, dedicated to the reweaving of the mysteries forgotten, for the reigniting of a New Golden Era. 


She has been working with Women to channel their creative gifts into temple work for over 5 years, and is honoured to be carrying through the Lineage of the Sophia through her experiences, chalice containers and transmissions.