The Feminine Codex of Soul Business 


In this Three Day Event you will learn the Feminine Codex of Soul Business.
How to create & lead a revolutionary Soul Business, with ease, joy, profits and deep reverence that this is what you were BORN to do. 


The Feminine does not innately desire to birth a 'business', she desires to birth a Body of Work (B.O.W).
The FULL transmission of her soul.


The Body of Work is the foundation, the core, the Business is the vehicle, the container to allow the Body of Work to flourish in the World.


The Feminine Codex of Soul Business is about mastering your Feminine & Masculine energies, merging in love to birth your Body of Work & Co-create The New Earth.


This is the Codex we are now remembering. A Codex of Creation & Leadership, where business overflows our cup. Where business gives us freedom & liberation. Where our unique art, makes a huge difference in the world. And gives us even more purpose everyday.


It is time to Birth the New Earth, and it is the Feminine energy that will lead the way.


Are you in?


This Event is an introduction to the codex of The B.O.W Academy, a 12 Month Mystery School to Birth Your Souls Body.of.Work. Learn more here.


  • Leading From a New Octave of Light. Go beyond boxing, conditioning & stigma and rise as a New Feminine Leader of the Earth.


  • Pleasure as a Portal. Expanding your sacred visioning capacity to receive ideas & downloads beyond this world.


  • The Sacred Fire. Embracing polarities & depths of your Feminine Heart to magnetize masculine presence in your life & business.


  • A Body of Work & Codex. The mechanics of structuring your Souls Body of Work into a Unique Codex & Intellectual Property.


  • Messaging & Marketing. Delivering potent Messaging & Marketing that flows with ease & generates Miraculous results.


  • Divine Evolution & Leadership. Scaling Your Business & B.O.W, Leading with Ease & Grace




  • The Art of Giving, Receiving & Delivering. A New Earth way of Soul Biz.


  • 5D Money Receivership. Money is your birth right. It is time to receive. 


  • Divine Union Activation. Multi-Dimensional Recoding to Activate the Timeline of Your Highest B.O.W & Soul Biz through the energy portal of Divine Union. 



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About Shannon Rose


Shannon Rose is a Mystic, Multi-Sensory Channel & Coach. With her extensive experience in Marketing & Branding, she supports New Earth Leaders to merge the mystical world with the modern world, to birth Soul Business' with true meaning.


She has been teaching since 2016, leading revolutionary workshops, programs & trainings across New Zealand and Globally.


 She is the Host of the Ancient Souls podcast & expert in the art of creative channeling.


She is uniquely placed to support Mystics, Intuitives & Channels in birthing new Bodies of Work that will change the world forever. And this is her mission.


The B.O.W Academy is Now Open 

The  Feminine Codex of Soul Business is the introduction to The B.O.W Academy full Codex.

If you KNOW you are ready to take it deeper & go on the journey to birth your souls Body of Work, apply now.