A 14-Day Immersive  Experience with Shannon Rose to Shift You Into New Worlds of Abundance & Creativity in Your Divine Leadership.



👑 Open Up to the Temple of Your Soul

👑 Channel Your Divine Creations

👑 Step Into Your Next Level of Leadership 


Are You Currently Transitioning Timelines in Your Divine Leadership?

Can you Feel a BIG Shift Coming In Your Souls Work & Abundance?

Are you Ready to Activate More Clarity, Structure & Conviction in Your Work?


If So, You've Made It To The Right Place.


We live in a time where many are being called to use their Mystical, Intuitive & Creative gifts in Divine Leadership.


To show up in a different way, that honours the heart, that honours the divine plan & that honours love.


 As we shift ages and enter into a New Golden Age, is it required that we not only awake to our Mystical Gifts but start using them in a way that will greatly benefit the collective.


Creating new models, new systems and new Bodies of Work that will change the world. 


Because Like Me, You Didn't Come Here to Leave Your Mission on the Table.

You Came Here to Create a Legacy.


I know, I've been there.

I had all my soul gifts activated.

 I was using them sporadically in sessions & workshops.

But I just KNEW there was more….


I knew my soul came here to not only serve, but to IMPACT the collective with the sacred teachings, only I could teach.


Because like me, you are a unique soul.


 A crystalline fractal of source....


And you have a message to share, a Body of Work only you can deliver.


So lets get to it aye? 


The Divine Leadership 1:1 Experience is a 14-Day Initiation Into Your Next Timeline of Divine Leadership. 


👑 We will work closely to recode your Leadership Timeline to higher alignment & abundance


👑 We will fine-tune your connection to the Collectives, Lineages & Energies you are channeling for more precision, direction & detailed guidance.


👑 We will gain deeper clarity on your Soul Purpose & Wider Soul Mission, giving you unshakable conviction & confidence.


👑 We will unify your Inner Divine Feminine with your Inner Divine Masculine to move you forward with real momentum, clarity & focus.

Receive the Breakthroughs You Need & Move Forward With Confidence, Clarity & Conviction

Your 14 Day Immersion Includes:


  • 14 Day Energetic Container worked on daily
  • Energetic Upgrades done on your field before & after sessions
  • Access to the Modern Day Mystic Two Part Masterclass
  • Session One: Intensive Energetic Attunement Session for your Highest Timeline of Leadership (2 Hours)
  • Session Two: Creation Strategy Session to bring structure & focus to your Mission (1-2 Hours)
  • Session Three: Final Alignment Session for fine-tuning, upgrades & strategy (30-45 Min)
  • Unlimited Support as needed VIA Whats App for 14 Days
  • Access to the Session Recording to download and keep forever  


During The Sessions You Will Receive:


  • Quantum Alignment to Close Down Lower Timelines No Longer Serving Your Highest Purpose
  • Trance Channeling to Open the Connection to the Lineages & Collectives You Are Channeling 
  • Crystalline Grid Work for your Soul Mission & Body of Work, Merging 5D Creation with 3D Manifestation
  • Divine Acceleration Codes for Easeful & Effortless Leaps into Your New Timeline Reality
  • Creative Strategy & Planning to Structure your Vision & Ideas into Tangible Steps 
  • Activation of Inner Queen & King Templates helping you to Master the Creative Process from Inspiration to Manifestation.



Client Testimonials


Cendrine Sauvenier | Founder of Fractal University

Akika Ancient Medicine Woman | Vibrational Healer

During the mastermind Shannon held I was able to see for the first time not only what my soul mission was, but envision the incredible gifts I have to offer the collective. The creations I was able to open up to were so profoundly encoded and so rich in meaning. I feel that the rapid upgrades I experienced in this container may have taken me months and possibly years to have reached without being held within the sacred energy of this mastermind.

Ariane Thompsom 

The download of information Shannon received from my guides sent goosebumps all throughout my body several times during the session. I easily gained trust in her, and I felt comfortable expressing my calling and elaborating on my soul's mission. Her energy and heart are very pure -- one to not miss out on! I feel more connected with my true self after our 1-1 Session. Thank you for helping me remember my special gifts." .

Monika - Island Awakening

During my time working with Shannon, I got to be awakened into my creativity and see all the amazing opportunities that I have the power to create. I shifted old limiting belief systems and got clarity of what I was capable of creating.
From this course, I was able to tap into my own power, started a Podcast named: Raising the Sisterhood & got clarity on my workshop offerings. Thank you Shannon!

Julie Cooper

Work With Shannon In This Experience  


 This offering is reserved for souls who are willing & ready to receive upgrades & take the steps needed to anchor their next level of leadership.


It is essential to book a free discovery call to see if it's the right fit, or if there's another container more suitable for you.


We will then create a custom plan for you and speak about payment options.


I look forward to speaking with you



About Shannon Rose


Shannon Rose is a Mystic, Multi-Sensory Channel & Mentor. 

Since 2017 she has been guiding Women in the sacred act of merging mystical experiences, with the modern world, through her  revolutionary programs, workshops & trainings across New Zealand and Globally.

She supports Mystics, Intuitives & Channels in clearing deeply rooted creative blocks to reinstate their original creative blueprint, and create the life of THEIR dreams.

With her extensive experience as a Marketing Exec & gifts as a Mystic & Channel, she is uniquely placed to support New Earth Leaders in transforming their soul gifts into a Body of Work, that will change this world forever.

Work with her in The Divine Leadership 1:1 Immersive, to experience the magic.