Desire & Divinity | 21 Day Priestess Portal


Online Journey to Amplify the Magnetic Field of YOU & Become Irresistible to Your Deepest Desires As the Divine Priestess You Are. 


You are a temple queen.
You are sovereign.
You are magic.

 Am I right?


You know that your sexual desires are directly linked to your god-self divinity.


That your pleasure, your enjoyment for life, fused with your deepest devotion, is what brings your manifestations to LIFE with effortless confoundment.


We are the rebellions proclaiming the DIVINITY in our DESIRES.


Join this 21 Day journey to Activate your Magnetic Field, Anchor your Priestess Power & Manifest your Wildest Design!


Priestess, are you ready to activate your deepest creative channel & expand your pleasure, joy & magnetism beyond measure!? Join this 21 Day Online Course.


21 Days of Transmissions


Recorded Mystery Teachings, Embodiment Practices & Transmissions in a dedicated membership portal.




2 hour Recorded Breathwork Journeys for you to experience & delve deep at your own leisure.




60 Minute Channeled Transmission to enter the Holy Temple of Isis and receive attunements from this powerful lineage. 




Priestess Scripting Workbook PDF to Script Your New Reality Through the Challenge Duration, Encoded & Powerful 



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Purchase Desire & Divinity and Receive Powerful Activations Over 21 Days: 


  • Activate the Magnetic Field of You as the Divine Feminine Priestess you came here to be

  • Reclaim the Orgasmic Ecstasy of your Highest Divinity & Destiny of Love

  • Realise your Pleasure Potential in Magnetising Prosperity Into your Life in Miraculous Ways 

  • Activate Remembrance to the Isis Lineage Living Within You, as the Priestess of Light you are

  • Reclaim your Sacred Power as a Women to Produce Life-Giving-Creations & Soul Art

  • Amplify the Electrical Power of your Kundalini Lifeforce Energy to Manifest all your Desires with Ease & Grace


Let's Journey

Two Payment Options to Join.

Desire & Divinity - Full Payment

$199.00 NZD
Desire & Divinity - Payment Plan

2 monthly payments of $122.00 NZD

Testimonials from this Experience


Frida Divinity Lund - Channel 


"This has been one of my greatest investments so far, Shannon is a divine multidimensional light being filled with so much love and the support and guidance that she shares through this course, truly life changing.

And one thing that really was extraordinary for me was the kundalini breathwork and WOW, I still don’t have words for my experience...something shifted and transformed within me.

I am so grateful and filled with love for my own being that I said YES to this experience and for bringing me into a sisterhood that I been missing and I am so deeply grateful for this amazing journey together!

I don’t want it to end.

Thank you Dearest Shannon Rose for this beautiful creation of co-creation!



Bel Smith -  Healer 


“I saw my Kinesiologist yesterday and he commented how soft and more balanced in the feminine I have become!

I feel it, embrace it and radiate it!

I love the unison of women the feminine energy no competition building and supporting and wholeheartedly loving each other even though we don’t know each other we KNOW each other in other time and space!

I can not thank you enough! I was stalled a month ago questioning myself, my practice and my beliefs!

But now I feel  supported, guided and have the power to continue this mission!

This is a transformative Quantum leaping learning that will have you buzzing!

Thank you Goddess of light, love, compassion and knowledge to share.”


Mary Pat - Healer & Coach


"I knew this portal would be powerful but whoa baby is it POWERFUL.

My life force energy has expanded and grown tremendously over the last 15 days. I have released so many blocks to my magnetism and so many ahas have clicked into place in my body.

The daily transmissions gave me so much clear purpose and something to carry me higher everyday, which has made other areas of my life purposeful and open too.

You are the most resonate guide on this earth journey thus far in human flesh for me siStar Shannon, and I am forever grateful to be here.

Desire and Divinity has changed my life in ways I can’t express, I hope it never ends! 

Thank you for doing this earth thing. It is so good to connect in this life. Look at us FLY!"

YES! I'm In!

Frequently Asked Questions:


Is this journey live or recorded? 
Daily videos are recorded & available in your membership portal. These are a mix of live recordings & pre-recorded.

What is the time committed for the 21 days?
You are encouraged to watch one video daily for the 21 day Initiatory Experience. In Ancient Egyptian knowledge, the process of Alchemy is over 21 days. Videos are light & are between 2-20 minutes long, besides the longer Breathwork & Temple Transmission.


How long will I have access to the Membership Portal?
You will have lifetime access to the recordings, in your membership portal.


Will there be any extra support available?  
Though this self study course does not include 1:1 support, you are welcome to use the comment section to share with the community in which Shannon will be monitoring. Please know there is a supportive energetic grid set up for this portal, so though you may be journeying through the challenge in your own space, you are never alone.


Do I need prior  experience or knowledge to join this challenge?
No, Shannon will explain & guide you through everything you need to know. All that is needed is a resonance in your soul & and openness to learn.


Meet Shannon- Mystic, Channel & Coach 

Founder of The B.O.W Academy


A Devotee of the Divine Feminine & Christed Consciousness, Stewarding a 6 Figure Empire supporting Gifted Channels in Becoming Leaders in their Sacred Business & Art.


With over 10 years industry experience in Business & Marketing, and over 5 years of Supporting Leaders in Sacred Feminine Principles including being a Qualified & Experienced Breathwork Facilitator, I am Honoured to Steward this 21 Day Priestess Portal.


I believe your divine work is sacred, more than a business, but a body of work to revolutionise this planet.


You came here to create a new way, one of pleasure, play, divine ease & grace.  

Desire & Divinity.


Unlike anything I have ever held before, this challenge will only be held once - fun, light & deeply powerful in altering the positive projection of your waking reality.


I look forward to feeling you all in this Priestess Portal.

Let's Get Juicy!
Shannon Rose xx