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Lemuria GridKeepers & GateKeepers

Channeled Message 2 June 2020:

Many souls who have a strong connection with Lemuria have a natural affiliation with grid keeping and gate keeping.

(Illustration of Lemuria, Artist Unknown)

Cycles of the earth & cycles of the cosmos was well kept knowledge & law of the people, it was essential for maintaining balance.

Grid work was always well kept & honoured prior to an upcoming gateway to ensure the equal flow of energy through the Leylines Grids.

Symbols & prayers were put into the earth that corresponded the frequency blueprint of the gateway energy, as above, so below.

There was equal receptivity among the people this way, for all lived upon earth, all received upon earth when the blessings of the heavens shone down.

Not all were part of this work, but those who were, were honoured and recognised in the same way each individual was, as an essential hue of the multifaceted art that was the community.

Should the gateways not be recognised, should the grid work be 'forgotten', would be detrimental to the overall harmony of the whenua (land) and people.

The effect of Cosmic energies would then flip to cause 'perceived' destruction, only in attempts to restore the balance once again, AKA the great pole shift.

When the time is right, as akin to cosmic evolutionary cycles, people will remember again, their place in the vast universe, and balance will be restored.

We are now in this time.

Destruction and chaos reign down, as upcoming gateways of the eclipse season (June 6-August 12) empower our transformation.

Last week was major Grid keeping activity, especially in the epicentre of Hawaii and the United States, in relation to sovereignty of waters AKA lifeforce AKA monetary flow & power. Blocks were and are being release, as within, so without.

Gatekeepers are now being activated this week particularly with the solar flare that happened on the 30th May. Codes and downloads are now being received by gatekeepers as preliminary templates to hold the vastness of cosmic flow to come.

Balance is being restored. Many have forgotten but only through the stripping away will we remember.

Those that are called to this work and have opened enough remembrance in the previous cycles will be organically serving these roles without the need for conscious thought or need to 'perform'.

Gridkeepers will notice you are being led, guided to places on the earth, in the physical or in dream time. You will be connected with others across different parts of the grids & epicentres to promote the flow.

Gatekeepers will be activated when the sun goes down, to receive the codes and openings as channels for our cosmic brother's & sister's messages.

Many are playing both of these roles simultaneously like day and night.

There is no need to fear as the templates are in place now and the 144 Christed Consciousness is awake, aware & alive.

Above all, the deepest surrender is required, for each individual, to let the outdated data in the DNA be set free, and replaced with by completely new data, new light & new experiencing.

It is all love, and when we know this, we can fall into the abyss .

I will be holding a Three Part Workshop Series during the Eclipse Season called The Trinity, Activating the three nodes of kundalini, bringing masculine & feminine within into union, divine creativity, birthing your new reality.


If you would like some extra support in your New Earth timeline journey, you can book in for a Multi-dimensional Session with me.

In these sessions I will share intuitive guidance, light language activations and channelings from the light councils working with you.


Arohanui, and remember only Love is real.

Shannon rose xx

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