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Temple Arts - Complimentary Gifts

Royal Remembrance

Three Part Sacred Encoded Portal to open to your Royal Priestess Remembrance.

The path of the Feminine is Royal. Fertile, rich and abundant in Nature.  Join Shannon Rose & Stella Sophia is this sacred co-creation with the Royal Lineage of the Rose, the Feline Beings from Lyra and Sirius, Ancient Keepers of the Pristine Royal Codes, as we re-activate and re-weave the ancient Royal Remembrance of the Sophia soul essence once again.


The Rose Body Temple 

Two Part Rose Lineage Series. 

The Rose Body, activated in her crown, open in her womb. In this Two Part Series you will receive teachings on the the Rose Lineage Mystery Teachings & a unique Rose-Body Breathwork Journey with Shannon Rose.


Sacred Business - Complimentary Gifts

The Feminine Codex of Soul Business

In this Three Part Series you will learn the Feminine Codex of Soul Business.

How to create & lead a revolutionary Soul Business, with ease, joy, profits and deep reverence that this is what you were BORN to do. 

The Feminine Codex of Soul Business is about mastering your Feminine & Masculine energies, merging in love to birth your Body of Work & Co-create The New Earth.


New Earth Birthing Systems for Creative Leaders 

Mastering Gridwork and Gatekeeping in your Biz

Learn all about Grid-Work & Gatekeeping in your Sacred Business.

In this free training I am sharing all the secrets of Gridwork & Gatekeeping I have used in my Business to scale, create & serve with reverence, deep sovereignty & impact.


Channeling - Complimentary Gifts

The Crystalline Timeline Technology Training

Activate the Key Codes Of Your Crystalline Timeline as a Wayshower For New Earth.

  • Quantum Activation of your Divine Crystalline Timeline
  •  Quantum Decoding & Disengagement from the Ancient Matrix Chronos Programming 
  • Ancient Lemurian Teachings of Crystalline Timeline Technology
  • Four-Step Timeline Technology Application Process to Solidify Your Crystalline Timeline in the 3D
  •  Tools, Techniques & Processes to Integrate your New Timeline Reality



Pleiadian Light Council Free Training  

How to Channel Light Codes

Join Shannon Rose and The 9th Dimensional Pleiadian Light Council for this channeled training on ‘How to Channel Light Codes’. 

Learn how to receive, decode & channel higher dimensional energy & receive an exclusive trance channeled transmission from The Pleiadian Light Council.

  • An 50 minute Recorded Video Training with the Three Step Process on Channeling Light Codes
  • 20 minute Full Trance Channeled Transmission from the 9th Dimensional Pleiadian Light Council to Activate & Open Your Unique Channel of Light

Link to my Curated Spotify Playlists

Including my most popular 'Codes of the Rose', 'Holy Spirit', 'Light Language Background' and 'Breathwork Songs'.


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