Desire & Divinity | 21 Day Priestess Portal

Amplify the Magnetic Field of YOU & Become Irresistible to Your Deepest Desires As the Divine Priestess You Are. 

11-31 October 2021

You are a temple queen.
You are sovereign.
You are magic.

 Am I right?


You know that your sexual desires are directly linked to your god-self divinity.


That your pleasure, your enjoyment for life, fused with your deepest devotion, is what brings your manifestations to LIFE with effortless confoundment.


We are the rebellions proclaiming the DIVINITY in our DESIRES.


Join me Over 21 Days as we Activate your Magnetic Field, Anchor your Priestess Power & Manifest your Wildest Design!


Priestess, are you ready to activate your deepest creative channel & expand your pleasure, joy & magnetism beyond measure!? Join us!


21 Days of Journeying


Embodiment Practices, Transmissions, Challenges & Teachings from Shannon in a Dedicated Facebook Group Daily 




2 hour Group Breathwork Journey's Held Live on Zoom to Activate Both Nodes of Your Desire & Divinity. Multi-Dimensional Recalibration.
6-8pm Thursday 14th & 28th October NZST


90 Minute Channeled Transmission from the Lineage of Isis Held LIVE on Zoom
11am-12.30pm Thursday 21st October NZST




Priestess Scripting Workbook PDF to Script Your New Reality Through the Challenge Duration, Encoded & Powerful





Join Shannon Rose For This 21 Day Portal To:


  • Activate the Magnetic Field of You as the Divine Feminine Priestess you came here to be

  • Reclaim the Orgasmic Ecstasy of your Highest Divinity & Destiny of Love

  • Realise your Pleasure Potential in Magnetising Prosperity Into your Life in Miraculous Ways 

  • Activate Remembrance to the Isis Lineage Living Within You, as the Priestess of Light you are

  • Reclaim your Sacred Power as a Women to Produce Life-Giving-Creations & Soul Art

  • Amplify the Electrical Power of your Kundalini Lifeforce Energy to Manifest all your Desires with Ease & Grace


Desire & Divinity Starts 

11 - 31  October 2021









Let's Journey

Two Payment Options to Join.

Desire & Divinity - Full Payment

$199.00 NZD
Desire & Divinity - Payment Plan

2 monthly payments of $122.00 NZD

Testimonials of Shannon's Work


Samantha May - Sound Healer 

“If you feel like you’ve got something to share but have no idea what it is? Work with Shannon, she will help you realise what is next for you and your journey. I now feel more alive and excited about my life than ever. I got the fire, juiciness and passion back and am so excited for this new level of service that I’m going to be offering!”





Viola Hug - Business Coach

“Shannon’s work is intuitive, warm, and transformational. The hardest part about reviewing her work is that it truly transcends words! Even though we were doing the session online, it was as if we were in the same room. I felt old wounds heal, new areas of growth emerge, and it undoubtedly allowed me to connect deeper with myself, hence allowing me greater growth and fulfilment in my life and work, highly recommend her and breathwork to anyone desiring deep transformation.”

Mary Pat - Healer & Coach

“Working with Shannon was like finally finding a place I could allow my energy to be held safely. Her truly mystical nature & ability to channel the codes & beings that are ready to work with me was literally life changing. I can’t express what Shannon did for me, but as I sit here today, I know meeting her was one of the biggest & most important parts of my journey. For all Divine Leaders, her work will change your life.”



YES! I'm In!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the time commitment for this challenge?

Challenge videos will be between 2-20 minutes long daily and will consist of a combination of light & easy practices, teachings & challenges. These will be recorded so you may watch in your own time. Weekly LIVE Breathwork & Temple Transmission time commitments as below. 

6-8pm Thursday 14th October NZST
11am-12.30pmThursday 21st October NZST
6-8pm Thursday 28th October NZST

Will the LIVE sessions be recorded & available if I cannot join live?

Yes the LIVE sessions will be recorded & link posted within 4 hours of the live recording. Though joining live is recommended, you will still receive the codes & shifts through the recordings. 

How long will I have access to the Challenge videos & Facebook group?

After the challenge ends you will receive access to a membershop portal with all the video recordings in one place. 14 days after the challenge ends, the Facebook group will be archived & challenge portal closed.


Will this Challenge be held live again if I cannot commit this time?

No, this Challenge will only be held live once, through you will be able to purchase the recorded course after.


Do I need prior  experience or knowledge to join this challenge?

Shannon will explain & guide you through everything you need to know. All that is needed is a resonance in your soul & and openness to learn.

Meet Shannon- Mystic, Channel & Coach 

Founder of The B.O.W Academy


A Devotee of the Divine Feminine & Christed Consciousness, Stewarding a 6 Figure Empire supporting Gifted Channels in Becoming Leaders in their Sacred Business & Art.


With over 10 years industry experience in Business & Marketing, and over 5 years of Supporting Leaders in Sacred Feminine Principles including being a Qualified & Experienced Breathwork Facilitator, I am Honoured to Steward this 21 Day Priestess Portal.


I believe your divine work is sacred, more than a business, but a body of work to revolutionise this planet.


You came here to create a new way, one of pleasure, play, divine ease & grace.  

Desire & Divinity.


Unlike anything I have ever held before, this challenge will only be held once - fun, light & deeply powerful in altering the positive projection of your waking reality.


I look forward to feeling you all in this Priestess Portal.

Let's Get Juicy!
Shannon Rose xx