Online Courses 

Online courses, challenges & resources created by Shannon Rose for your Priestess Leadership & Empowerment. Receive at your own pace, prep for enrolment of programs. 

The Bespoke Business Blueprint

Join Shannon Rose for this 4 Part of Video Series to Activate Your Unique Business Blueprint + Dazzle the World With Your Brilliance.


•  The Creational Field

•  Marketing Brilliance

•  Brand Artistry

Leadership Mystique

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The GOD Spark - OPEN NOW

Rapture into Your GOD Spark Divinity.
20 June - 6 August 2022

7 Week to Anchor your Priestess Stance WITHOUT Apology. 
For Feminine Leaders CHANGING THE GAME.


  • 7x 90 Minute Live Transmissions Weekly on Zoom
  • Feminine Leadership Training
  • Somatic Attunement & Opening of the 12 God Spark Gateways 
  • Working with Spinal Energetics, the Spinal Wave System & The Sacred Christ Secretion Network
  • Community, Support & Openings over 7 Weeks 
  • Membership Portal and Access to Recordings for Life 

This course is for Feminine Leaders in Business who are ready to use their open Receptive Channel with GOD, for DIVINITY in their service & mission.

Presale Now Open $777 NZD

Desire & Divinity

21 Day Priestess Portal

A powerful course by Shannon Rose, for those on the Path of the Priestess and wishing to anchor into more Priestess Practices, Ancient Mysteries, and Magnetic Power.

Activate your Magnetic Field, Anchor your Priestess Power & Expand your Pleasure, Joy & Magnetism.


•  21 Days of Video Transmissions 

•  2x Full Encoded Breathwork Journey's 

•  Temple of Isis Transmission

• Priestess Scripting Workbook


More Info & Join For $199 NZD

The Liberated Leader

Four Part Video Series 

A four part video series to liberate your time, wealth & creative freedom.

  • Leap into a new timeline realty of time, wealth & creative freedom in your business
  • Activate tools to quantum leap your business into more results that make your heart sing
  • Free yourself to fully express the uniqueness of YOU in your business
  • Open to create the wealth you were born to anchor & receive
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Cosmic Alchemy

Audio Ascension Toolkit

A library of five recorded transmissions to support you during your Ascension process in Alchemization & Crystalization of your Highest Timeline.

What you'll get:

  • Crystalline Timeline Higher Decree
  • Ultra Violet Sirian Waters
  • Zero Point Stabilisation
  • Gaia Kundalini Activation (Crowd Favourite!)
  • Golden Healing Light 
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